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 Central Cables Limited was initially  incorporated  as a Private Limited  Company  in  January  1981   and was  converted  into Public Limited Company in  January  1993.  It  is  listed  on Over The  Counter  (OTC)  Exchange  of India  since  January  1994. The   Company   set   up   a  plant   at  Maharashtra   Industrial Development  Corporation  (MIDC)     Hingna,  Nagpur  notified backward  area,  and  is  spread  over  in   an  area  of  30,000 square meters. 

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  The following summary should be read with the Risk Factors included from page numbers 9 to 13 of this Information Memorandum and the more detailed information about the Company and the financial statements included in the Information Memorandum.    


  Warehouses refer to storage facilities where goods are stored until they are dispatched to customers and end-users. The time lag between production and consumption of goods necessitates the existence of warehouses for the temporary storage of goods. For instance, certain goods are produced only during a particular season but consumed throughout the year. Similarly, certain goods are produced throughout the year, but has demand only during a particular season. Thus, warehouses play an important role in maintaining the quality of products and minimizing wide fluctuations in the prices of goods. Additionally, value-added services such as packaging, sorting, grading, kitting, bar coding, and reverse logistics can be carried out at warehouses. Modern warehouses equipped with the modern IT systems can also track inventory and management of orders, product data and storage.   

The Indian logistics industry was valued at an estimated US$ 130 billion in 2012-13. It has grown at a CAGR of 16 % over the last five years. The industry comprises the following main segments:

   ·   Freight and passenger transportation via road, rail, air and water · 

       Warehousing and cold-storage

Warehousing comprises industrial and agricultural storage. Of the total warehousing space of about 1,800 million sq ft, the industrial and agricultural segments constitute about 86 per cent and 14 per cent, respectively. Government organisations including Food Corporation of India, Central Warehousing Corporation and the state warehousing corporations account for about two-thirds of the agricultural warehousing segment1. Warehousing also includes cold storage, comprising over 5,300 units; most of which are concentrated in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and West Bengal. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, at present, the cold chain capacity is about 9 million tonnes.

Our Strengths

  • · Our experienced management and dedicated employee base.  
  • · Customer satisfaction. 
  • · Well Established Relationships with Trade Partners.  
  • · We enjoy cordial relations with our employees.      

Our overall business strategy shall be to

  • Maximize revenue through capacity expansion and increase in efficiency 
  • Enhancing storage efficiency and minimize process losses 
  • Reduce operational costs and be cost competitive 
  • Have a consumer centric approach 
  • Adopt best practices in all functions and processes 
  • Perform in an environment friendly condition 
  • To constantly expand to new geographies and to take our products to newer markets.



  1. To manufacture, buy, sell, exchange, alter, improve, manipulate, prepare, import, export, distribute, Hire on Hire Purchase system or otherwise deal in Cables, Insulated Cables, P.V.V. Cables, Flexible Cables, low and high tension Power Cables, armouned or non-armoured extra high tension shielded and belled Power Cables, Conductors, Super-enamelled wires, Telephone and Telegraph Cables, Signalling Cables, Electrical Cables, Industrial and Auto Cables, Electric Motors, Dynamos, Electrical Equipments, Instruments and Appliances, Transformers, Alternators of all Voltages and capacities.
  2. To carry on the business of mining, quarrying, manufacturing, beneficiating, washing, marketing, buying, selling, reselling, distributing or otherwise dealing in coal, coal based products, maganese, limestone, refractories and other mineral and mineral based products and for this purpose to acquire, purchase, lease and otherwise install, operate, manage and otherwise run any plant, mine, establishment or workshop and to develop technical know-how and undertake and undertake any Research and Development with respect to exploitation and utilization of any material deposits.
  3. To carry on the business of trading in all types of Cables & Cable products and providing company’s land, building, factory premises, garages, godown, plant and factory owned area on rent out, hire out, let out, lease rent, sub-lease or sublet or otherwise.

[1]  Inserted vide Special Resolution passed on 30thSeptember, 2014 


KMP of the Company

  •  DIRECTORS                                          DESIGNATION                    DATE OF APPOINTMENT 
  • Govinddas Govardhandas Daga             Director                                               29-01-1981        
  • Bhaskar Nandadulal Manna                   Director                                              14-03-2014 
  • Swarna Mimani                                      Whole-Time Director                         02-06-2014 
  • Sanjay Dattatray Agnihotri                      Independent Director                       09-03-2015 
  • Abhishek Ravishankar Asati                     Independent Director                        09-03-2015
  •  Vijay Sharma                                          Chief Financial Officer                      16-02-2017 
  • Mritunjay Kumar                                    Company Secretary                            29.01.2018

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Annual Report 2015-16 

annual report 14-15 (pdf)


Q4 (Jan - Mar) '2016-17 (pdf)


Annual Report 2017_CCL (pdf)


Annual Report 15-16 (pdf)


Notice of EGM-30.05.2018 (pdf)


Notice under Reg 29 read with 47, Board Meeting dated 30th May, 2018 (pdf)


Outcome and Voting Results of EGM held on 30.05.2018 (pdf)


Notice of Board Meeting on 18-06-2018 on Shorter Notice (pdf)


Quarterly Shareholding Pattern of F.Y. 17-18 (pdf)


Quarterly Financial Results from April 17- March 18 (pdf)


Outcome of 37th AGM and Scrutinizer report (pdf)


Notice of 37th AGM, Nomination Form & Annual Report 2017-18 (pdf)


Shareholding Pattern for f.y. 2018-19 (pdf)


Notice under Reg. 29 read with Reg. 47 of the Board Meeting 13-08-2018, 14-11-2018,13.02.2019, 30.05.2019 (pdf)


Quarterly Financial Result of Q1 ended 30.06.2018, Q2 ended 30.09.2018 , Q3 ended 31.12.2018 & Q4 ended 31.03.2019 (pdf)



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Audit Committee

Member of the Audit Committee    Designation     

Mr. Abhishek R Asati   


 (Independent Director)


Mr. Sanjay  Dattatray Agnihotri  


(Independent Director)

Mr. Govinddas Daga  


(Non-Executive   Non-Independent Director)     

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Member of the Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Mr. Abhishek R Asati   Chairman   

(Independent Director)   

Mr. Sanjay   Dattatray Agnihotri   Member   

(Independent Director)     

Mr. Bhaskar  Nandadulal Manna   


(Non-Independent Non-Executive Director)

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